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Your voice can Start Something amazing
It takes money to match Bigs and Littles in positive, enduring, professionally-supported matches and measure our programs to be sure that we are making as much impact as possible. A network of generous donors, corporations, and foundations helps to fund this work. In many cases, so do your local, state, and federal governments.

It's important that elected officials know about the impact of Big Brothers Big Sisters and the importance of the work that we do. So that they can make wise decisions about how they invest tax-payer dollars and community dollars, legislators and decision makers need to hear from the people ... after all, that's how democracy works!

Everyone has a story to tell
Are you a current or former Big? Let your local, state, and federal officials know about the impact that you've made on your Little. How has your Little improved in school? Has your Little avoided drugs, alcohol, and violence? Let them know about the support and guidance that you received from your Big Brothers Big Sisters match-support professional. When local, state, and federal governments invest in Big Brothers Big Sisters, children facing adversity are impacted positively, leading to safer, stronger communities.

Are you a financial supporter?

Whether you've made a donation online or participated in an event like Bowl for Kids' Sake, you understand that your financial support helps fund the critical work of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Talk to your elected officials about why you made that decision. What motivated you to help Start Something for a child facing adversity? Let them know about the impact that your gift has made. Help them understand that Big Brothers Big Sisters is a well-respected, evidence-based leader in youth services. Let them know that their support will have a big impact in your community.

Do you know a child waiting to be matched?

Let your local, state, and federal officials know about the impact their support could have on that child's future. Let them know that you appreciate their investment in your community. Let them know that with sustained funding, Big Brothers Big Sisters can continue its work of changing lives for the better, forever. Let them know that with increased funding, Big Brothers Big Sisters' proven impact on children and their communities will be even greater.

Write to your elected officials

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