Rae & Savannah

Rae's Summer Story:

The other day, PVT had “Snow Cone Day” for employees and their families.  I invited Savannah and picked her up at 1:30 to get snow cones.  We dropped off some snow cones for her siblings and then she and I went to Jamaica Park to have ours.  We then went through McDonald’s drive-in to pick up a Happy Meal for her that she ate at my office.  She made a thank you card for our HR Manager, who planned the snow cone day and we took it to her.  The HR manager put it up on her door.   At the end of the day before Savannah and I left I took her picture with her card on the door (attached)

After visiting with the HR Manager, I gave Savannah a tour of PVT, and she got to talk to a coworker who is a scuba diver.  He showed her videos of his diving trip where he swam with an eel, a sea turtle, and a couple of sharks.  She visited our technician that does support for internet customers and played with some of the cool toys she keeps in her office.  We then went and looked at the equipment that provides PVT’s cable TV, telephone, and internet services.  We bumped into PVT’s construction manager, and he let Savannah checkout our new trackhoe (a miniature backhoe on tracks like a tank has instead of wheels) with him and even let her help him operate the controls a little. They lifted up an old tire and dropped it onto a pile of pallets for disposal.  I think she really enjoyed doing that.   She also got to see some of the big equipment like a giant 10 or 12 ft. circular saw we use to cut trenches for burying cable in solid rock.  Then she came back to my office and watched cartoons for about an hour while I finished up my work for the day.  Then we went over to my house.  We went and picked up pizza and wings for dinner.  I gave her birthday gift to her.  She also had fun pulling a couple of pranks on my husband, and she and I did a craft project to make some carnation flowers from plastic tablecloths and plastic bags.  We had a pretty good time!


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