Paula and Kendall

Paula and Kendall can often be seen walking around together on the playground of Hermosa School. Paula knows this elementary school playground well, as she once was the principal here. Retired now, she has taken on a new role, as Kendall’s Big Sister. The match started off as Lunch Buddies, and liked hanging out so much they become a community match. Paula and Kendall don’t like to just stroll around the school playground they also like to take strolls with Paula’s big fluffy dog.  This year when the New Mexico Dance Institute came down to teach the 4th graders some specialized dancing skills, these two traded in their walking shoes for dancing shoes. Several practices and maybe a few blisters later Kendall shined in her school performance and Paula was there to cheer her on. Paula may not own a pair of pom-poms, but since she took on the role of being a Big, she has always been there to cheer Kendall on.

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