Debi and Jadyn

Being a Big Sister is a big commitment as Big Sister Debi knows. Debi and Little sister, Jadyn, first met in April of 2011. They just celebrated Jadyn’s 11th birthday together too, Jadyn received a Zoomer Dog.


The commitment of being a Big Sister is worth it for Debi. She has seen growth in her Little; Jadyn is honest and not as timid as she once was. Debi works with Jadyn on building up her strengths and talents with engaging Jadyn in different activities.


They enjoying cooking together, Debi and Jadyn baked cupcakes for Jadyn’s school. Jadyn lets staff know how much she loves her Big Sister and Jadyn’s mom describes them as ‘two peas in a pod’. Debi and Jadyn exemplify what being sisters are all about.

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