When Matches End

Matches have great times and sad times. All our matches are mostly successful. Very rarely do we have a bad match or need to rematch people. The above matches are or were all happy and had and still have great times. Some of them have closed and others may be closing soon, and some will be lucky enough to be matched for a lifetime. If they don't get to stay together it doesn't mean the volunteer did not like them or they didn't get along. It means the season in their lives changed.

Bigs/Volunteers get new jobs and move, have children, or their little's grow into adults. Littles/Children grow and feel they no longer need the extra help, move with their families, grow up and go to college. Whatever the case may be, the Memories they made with each other remain an Imprint in their lives.


Many would not want to trade or give back the experiences that they learned while in their match. Each person learned something new, interesting and loved hanging out with their Big or Little. Many that get closed never say GOODBYE, they say SEE YOU LATER. Why? Because to them, they have already made a bond that connected them for a lifetime! Our matches before closing, end with a Happy/Sad outing in most cases that allows them to give one last hug, gift, or memory to say Thank you for being in my life. 

From us to you all that were and will become BIGs & LITTLEs-Thank you for all you do!

Let's keep Defending Potential! 


Invest in a child's future.

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