Nancy & Brissia

Meet Nancy and Brissia!


This match is one of our newest additions to the Artesia Lunch Buddies Family.

Brissia is one of our very special Little Sisters who spent almost the entire school year last year waiting for just the right Big Sister to come along. For Brissia it was worth the wait, because she seems to have found a true friend in Nancy. Brissia enjoys Nancy’s company. She sees Nancy as wise mentor, but also a friend who has a great sense of humor and an uplifting personality. Nancy is just as excited to have Brissia in her life. She loves that Brissia is a good student, cares about others, and is interested in trying new things. On a personal note, our staff would like to give a shout out to Brissia, and congratulate her on passing the 5th grade. We wish her the best of luck next year at Zia School. We would also like to give a shout out to Nancy, and thank her for being such a great Big Sister.

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